I am a globally-minded European who deeply cares about the environment and is passionate about creating change towards a fair and vibrant future. Peace, freedom, equality and ecological and cultural diversity are all core values of mine.

My expertise is built on 20 years experience at the centre of environmental struggle. Working as a campaigner, international project leader, and deputy campaign director for Greenpeace, I led on the initiation and implementation of innovative campaigning and learning projects. This included having a major impact on greening the seafood ranges of global supermarket chains, campaigning to put the world’s most progressive chemical policy in place in Europe, and leading a campaign to set Europe on the path towards ceasing overfishing. To promote collaboration across European Greenpeace offices and strengthen the impact of their joint campaigns, I have designed an EU-wide learning programme, within which I currently act as a trainer and facilitator for workshops and learning modules.

When working with nonprofit organisations, I harness my comprehensive hands-on-experience in international nonprofit campaigning, and my expertise and experience in systemic consultancy. Amongst my strengths are my ability to make things happen and drive forward implementation, my competence to develop compelling strategies, and my capability for integrating teams and networks for successful collaboration.


I consider the basic conditions for autonomous action in organisations to be clear frameworks, structures and processes; a culture of attention to relationships with each other and reflection and interest in each other; attention to diversity and the individual needs and possibility of self-efficacy of individuals; and an experience of meaningfulness of engagement and shared goals in the organisation. If these conditions are met, creativity, vitality and effectiveness can emerge.

Nonprofit campaigns striving to achieve sustainable impact require clear, shared goals, compelling strategies, and access to sound resources and relevant stakeholder networks. Achieving productivity within networks requires mutual understanding and constructive dialogue with relevant actors outside the ‘bubble’.

I empower organisations and teams to create these framework conditions, and to develop strong campaigns through systemic consultancy, and by supporting their strategic campaign planning.


Having worked in the international nonprofit sphere for 20 years, and building on my comprehensive network, I know my way around the international nonprofit landscape, from the operative to the executive level.

  • Deputy program director in a regional Greenpeace office encompassing eight countries – managing the regional campaign program and task-giving on global campaign projects
  • Campaign project leader on national, European and global level – initiating and driving innovative campaigning projects, setting up and integrating project teams
  • European learning program leader, designing and implementing a comprehensive learning program for the European Greenpeace office
  • Campaigner in national, regional and global campaign projects – operationalising transformative change


  • Leading with Life seminar ‚Dynamic Facilitation‘, all in one spirit (Oberursel, Germany, November 2021)
  • Training ‘Foundations of Hypnosystemic Intervention Strategies’, Peschke Consulting – Milton Erickson Institute (Heidelberg, Germany, June 2021)
  • Training ‘The Art of Hosting Training and Harvesting’, Büro für Zukunftsfragen (Bregenz, Austria, September 2019)
  • Certificate for the Presencing Foundations Program, Presencing Institute (Germany, July 2018)
  • Certificate as an Outdoor and Nature Coach, cotona: coaching, training, nature experience (Germany, May 2018)
  • Diploma for Corporate and Leadership consultancy, Institut für relationale Beratung und Weiterbildung (Vienna, Austria, May 2016 – May 2017)
  • Diploma as an Outdoor Trainer, Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (Austria, Oct 2015 – Jun 2016)
  • Advanced Certificate in Systemic Organisational Consultancy, Institut für Systemische Beratung (Germany, Oct 2013 – Oct 2015)
  • Campaigning and Organising trainings at Greenpeace, Midwest Academy (Nov 2015), Training for Change (USA, Nov 2015), Forum for Community Organising (Germany, Sept 2015)
  • Diploma in art photography,  fotoK – Centre for Photography (Austria, Oct 2008-June 2011)
  • Successful steering of projects for NPOs’ and ‘IT based campaign project planning’ with AEON (Austria, March 2005 & June 2004)
  • Diploma in studies of Biology, Universities of Kassel, Bremen (Germany) and Melbourne (Australia) (1990-1997)